Paving the way for touchless textile design

In collaboration with Tukatech, Sowtex has launched a technology that eases out the textile designing and development, thereby reducing the cost and time -

August 02, 2021 Gurugram-based company Sowtex, an online marketplace for the fashion and textile industry, has launched a Sowtex Design Lab, an integrated platform for digital design and development with Tukatech, a leader in 3D fashion technology. The Design Lab provides fabric and trim manufacturers, fashion designers, apparel manufacturers, and fashion brands, the option to digitally design and develop fabric at an affordable cost. It gives access to a wide variety of fabrics and trims from thousands of textile suppliers, along with availability of inventory, specifications, and pricing.

Sonil Jain, Founder and CEO, Sowtex, says, “We launched this in July. This technology was much needed for its sustainability, speed and efficiency. And Covid made the adaptation of technology faster. “Instead of spending weeks in sampling, designing and costing; Sowtex platform users can pick fabrics, designs, and trims on the platform and give them life with Tukatech 3D visualiser. This reduces the entire process from weeks to just 2-3 hours. Users can make firm commitments on costs, timelines and order quantity; and prevent order cancellations and loss of reputation,” adds Jain.

Sunil Jain, Sowtex
Sowtex is a first sourcing platform that helps in doing end-to-end design and development processes.

“We already have 13,000 businesses — suppliers, fabric mills, garment manufacturers, exporters and buyers on board. They had all their material listed on the platform, but with this collaboration, we indicated the entire solution with the 3D model technology by Tukatech, so customers can create their own fabrics with the designs in their mind,” he adds.

Any designer or a garment factory can take the virtual factory can take the virtual designs without physically buying any fabric or trim, convert it into a garment, and present it to end customers. On receiving an order, they can back track the process, and connect to the suppliers to get that fabric and trim. “The technology is not new but was available at a very high price. So, we are providing this technology to people in India on a subscription- based model. With a $50 subscription, they can do it all. You can see the model online from all profiles and can change the fabrics, design and trims accordingly.”

The aim is to not restrict a designer’s creativity, but enable them with the raw material and tools. “When everything gets approved, we can provide the fabric to the customers from the mills nearby. Earlier, we just provided the raw material solution. But now, we are also providing designing tools. The technology can be used for all fabric and techniques. Be it weaving, printing, and embroidery or knitted,” he adds.

As of now they have no direct competitors in the global or Indian market. “Some open platforms like Clo 3D, Optitex, Indiamart, and Alibaba, are offering a part of what Sowtex integrated Design lab is providing. Moreover, our competitors don’t have a subscription model which becomes very affordable for small and medium companies. Also, they don’t have an extensive library of fabrics , trims and embroideries.”

Integrated digital design and development not just increases the speed and efficiency, but it also eliminates the need for physical touch on fabric samples and handling of parcels which is extremely beneficial in the current times. It also reduces wastage in time, resources, fabrics and money involved in traditional ways of design and development.

“We already have got 10 clients onboard, and this collaboration will strive for efficiency and cost effectiveness,” he concludes.

In a nutshell
This technology eliminates physical touch on fabric samples, which is beneficial in the current times. It reduces wastage in time, resources, fabrics and money.

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