Ahmedabad: ’Allow food, textile trade effluents at common effluent treatment plant

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July 02, 2022 AHMEDABAD: Naroda Enviro Projects Ltd (NEPL), the operator of the Naroda common effluent treatment plant (CETP) has written to the Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) and demanded that trade effluent from the foods and textiles industries of the city area which meet environmental norms be permitted at CETPs.
NEPL chairman Shailesh Patwari wrote to GPCB member secretary D M Thaker after a well known food company was refused permission to send its effluent water to NEPL by a GPCB officer.
Patwari said, "Certain units have approached us to accept their trade effluent at our CETP having discharge through designated tankers of our CETP because their discharge is disconnected or restricted by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and GPCB as per Gujarat High Court order.
However, the high court has categorically said that such units may discharge their trade effluent, meeting the norms into any CETP or mega pipeline, with the permission of concerned CETP and AMC."
He added they have been given permission for 14 MLD and their discharge is not more than 6 MLD.
He said they have been given permission to accept effluent from the food and textile industries and sewage up to 11 MLD.
A leading food company located in Memco approached GPCB and submitted membership offered by our CETP.
Their trade effluent is only about 10 KLD and we are going to accept it by our designated tanker enabled with GPS.
However, a GPCB officer told the unit to not to send its effluent to the NEPL CETP."
He wrote, "Even highly toxic acidic effluent is being permitted to be transported through designated tankers to NOVEL, Vatva."
NEPL demanded that when an alternative system is available with infrastructure and compliance, such a green category unit should not be closed down.

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