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Aurangabad : पांढऱ्या सोन्याचे यंदा तीस टक्केच उत्पन्न; शेतकरी वर्गात चिंता

वैजापूर : तालुक्यात यंदा पावसाने पाठ फिरवल्याने कापूस उत्पादनात तब्बल सत्तर टक्के फटका बसला आहे   ....... Read More

November 28, 2023 273 Likes

Parts of Adilabad, Nirmal districts see unseasonal rains

Adilabad/Nirmal: Several parts of both Adilabad and Nirmal districts saw light rains on Monday, causing losses to cotton and paddy growers.

The average rainfall of Adilabad district was gauged to be 20.3 mm. Adilabad Urban mandal registered the   ....... Read More

November 28, 2023 78 Likes

cotton price: સફેદ સોનાના જાણો ભાવ, અમરેલી APMCમાં મગફળીના આટલા રૂપિયા ખડૂતોને મળ્યાં

અમરેલી: અમરેલી જિલ્લામા મોટાભાગના ખેડૂતોએ કપાસ, મગફળીનું વાવેતર કર્યું હતું. અમરેલી યાર્ડમાં મો   ....... Read More

November 28, 2023 64 Likes

Cotton prices dropped on lingering demand concerns.

Cotton candy prices experienced a decline of -0.66%, settling at 57100, primarily driven by lingering demand concerns. The Cotton Association of India (CAI) forecasts a 7.5% reduction in India's cotton production for the 2023/24 season, reaching 29.5 mill   ....... Read More

November 28, 2023 102 Likes

Modi piloting Indian economy to the global top: Goyal

Warangal: Way back in 2013-14, India was considered as one of the fragile five nations, meaning one of the five weakest economies. However, there has been a tremendous transformation after BJP formed the government at the Centre under Prime Minister Naren   ....... Read More

November 28, 2023 74 Likes

Heimtextil 2024: Fully Booked Carpets & Rugs Hall With High Growth In Suppliers Of Machine-Woven Carpets

FRANKFURT AM MAIN, Germany — November 27, 2023 — The global carpet industry is on the move – in the direction of Frankfurt. The new Carpets & Rugs hall at Heimtextil now boasts around 100 manufacturers and brands, including a strong increase in    ....... Read More

November 28, 2023 75 Likes

Kazakh envoy says huge potential exists for Pakistan’s textile industry

He urged Pakistani textile groups to focus on high value products which are more in demand in Kazakhstan.

He said concrete steps are being taken from the government Kazakhstan and Pakistan to enhance bilateral trade and benefit from mutual pote   ....... Read More

November 28, 2023 86 Likes

New SIMA chairman urges govt to announce new technology mission for cotton

There is an urgent need to announce a new technology mission for cotton with sizable funds by the Centre. This has become imperative as over 7 million farmers and 35 million people in the textile value chain are directly dependent upon the availability of   ....... Read More

November 23, 2023 488 Likes

CAI cuts cotton output estimate on pink bollworm menace in Haryana

The Cotton Association of India (CAI) has revised its cotton production estimate for the current season (October 2023-September 2024) to 294.10 lakh bales (170 kg each) in its October estimate.

The estimate is against its projection of 295.10 l   ....... Read More

November 23, 2023 129 Likes

cotton price: મગફળી અને કપાસના ભાવમાં 21 રૂપિયાનો તફાવત, જાણો અમરેલી APMCના ભાવ

અમરેલી: ચોમાસુ પાક તૈયાર થઇ ગયો છે. મગફળી, કપાસ વગેરે પાક ખેડૂતોએ તૈયાર કરી લીધો છે. ખેડૂતો પાક લઇન   ....... Read More

November 23, 2023 81 Likes


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