Review of Weaving Calculations




Assuming all wastages occur in warping

Warp price
Weft price
Warp count
weft count
Width (inches)
Width (Yard)
Warp contraction (%)
Weft contraction (%)
Warp wastage (%)
Weft Wastage (%)
B-grade (%)
B-grade price/mtr
Sizing Cost (Kg)
Packing Cost
Warp Calculation  
Total warp
Length of 1 lb of warp
Weight of 1 yard of warp
Weight of 1 yard of all warps
Warp wt of 1 yard of fabric
Warp Sized Kgs/mtr
Warp Cost (Per yard)
Warp Cost (Per Meter)
Weft Calculation  
Length of 1 lb of weft
Weight of 1 yard of weft
Wt of 1 pick adjusted for waste & B-grade
Weight of picks in one linear inch of fabric
Weft weight of 1 yard fabric
Weft Cost (Per yard)
Weft Cost (Per Meter)
Assuming all wastage occurring in warping  
Cost of yarn
Sizing Cost (mtr)
B-grade proceeds
Variable Production Cost
Pick inches
Production minute (in)
Production Minute (yard)
Production Day (yard)
Adjusted B-grade yard
Adjusted B-grade mtr