Bangladesh doubles polyester/cotton yarn imports from India in Jul

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September 10, 2015 Blended spun yarns export aggregated US$36.3 million in July, up 12 per cent YoY while volumes gained 20 per cent at 12 million kg. During the month, 6.7 million kg of PC yarns worth US$19 million and 3.5 million kg of PV yarns valued at US$9.8 million were exported.

Cotton/viscose yarn demand has been on the rise since cotton prices have started moderating while viscose gave the lustre. In July, 0.7 million kg of yarns were exported worth US$2.7 million as against 0.3 million and US$1.69 million in the same month last year.

Egypt and Bangladesh were the largest importer of PC yarn from India in July with former reducing its intake and latter doubling, followed by Turkey. USA, Argentina, Sri Lanka and Portugal were the fastest growing markets for PC yarns while Mexico, Venezuela and Ukraine significantly reduced their import of PC yarns from India.

Chile and Cuba were among the 10 countries which did not import any PC yarns from India during July. South Korea and Bahrain were the major destinations among the 16 new markets found in July.

In July, US$9.8 million worth of PV yarns were exported from India with volumes at 3.5 million kgs. Turkey and Pakistan continued to be largest importers of PV yarns from India in July with total volume at 1.95 million kg worth at US$5.7 million.

Tunisia was the new major market for PV yarn while 7 countries did not import any PV yarn during the month, including the major ones like Chile and Germany.

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