cotton production per hectare in world
RankCountryYield (KG/HA)
9Syrian Arab Republic1,132
15United States943
16South Africa847
19Iran, Islamic Republic Of762
25Viet Nam653
31Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of630
35Afghanistan 455
41Côte D'ivoire424
50Burkina Faso330
59Central African Republic231
62Sri Lanka218
63Tanzania, United Republic Of218
70Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The109

Here are six cotton byproducts that might surprise you!
1. Baseballs
The ball needed to play America’s pastime is more complicated than one might imagine, and cotton is an important piece of the puzzle.

Baseball centers — made of cork and rubber — are wrapped in three different kinds of yarn before being covered in leather. The outermost layer of yarn is a blend of polyester and cotton. This combo maintains the circular shape of the ball, so it will still remain a sphere even after a good whacking by a bat.
2. Packing Material Not only is cotton an ingredient in a special blend of packing material, this concoction is biodegradable! The packaging is called Mushroom® Materials and was developed by Cotton Incorporated and Ecovative Design.

The malleable mixture forms into whatever shape is needed and can be added to soil as a plant fertilizer after use — also known as composting.
3. Explosives There’s a lot of chemistry happening here, but basically the short little fibers — called “linters” — attached to the cotton seed are removed and mixed with different acids to create guncotton.

Incredibly flammable, guncotton is used to make gunpowder, rockets and other explosives.

4. Money Ah, money, it makes the world go ’round! Which, it turns out, wouldn’t be possible without cotton.

Would you believe the plant makes up 75% of our paper currency? According to the National Cotton Council of America, one pound of dollar bills contains three quarters of a pound of cotton.

5. Medical Supplies Since cotton is absorbent, hypoallergenic and soft, it only makes sense to use in a variety of medical supplies. Here are just a few examples.
External Products
Wound dressings
Hospital gowns
Face masks
Cotton balls
Internal Products
Cotton swabs
Hygiene Products
Sanitizing wipes
6. Cottonseed Oil Sure, you’ve heard of olive oil, coconut oil, maybe even avocado oil, but have you ever used cottonseed oil? Just like the others, this product is ready to help with your baking and frying needs.

Beyond work in the kitchen, cottonseed oil is also used in cosmetics. A key ingredient in many eyeshadow palettes, skin and hair care products, it works as a conditioning agent to make the user silky smooth.

As you can see, our fuzzy little friend does more than produce clothing — a huge contribution alone — but comes into play in almost every aspect of our lives.

The uses of cotton are as follows-
  1. The most basic use of cotton is to provide thread using cotton gin, which they can have vast use both domestic and industrial.
  2. Cotton is used to make comfortable and breathable textile, which later on will have multiple purposes of use.
  3. By weaving cotton fiber, fabrics such as flannel, velvet, velour, and corduroy can be made by which exquisite clothing can be produced.
  4. Cotton can also be used to make essential tools such as fishnets, bookbinding and coffee filters to make your life easier and productive.
  5. All of us in our lifetime have tried or heard about cotton candy. Guess what it is made of? Of course cotton as cotton is a good fiber corp.
  6. Cotton can also be used as food for cattle given its edible attribute.
  7. Cottonseed oils are in high demand nowadays as they are cheaper than vegetable oil and add flavor to the food. Restaurants are using it to deep fry their fast foods. By crushing cottonseeds, oils can be produced.
  8. In the production of cosmetic and soap products, cotton is used.
  9. Pharmaceutical companies also utilize cotton in making of their product. Such as first aid kit often holds cotton.
  10. Materials like rubber and plastic hold some extent of cotton in them while in their production process.
  11. Due to its high absorbency, elasticity, purity, and hypoallergenic properties, cotton has long been a top preference in the healthcare arena.
  12. Cotton is used in the paper sector is for the creation of high excellent paper that are sought by professionals that require a difficult copy of their document to last the test of time.
  13. Although it may sound strange, cotton is used in making of Automobile-tops
  14. To make beautiful crafty cloth-bags, cotton is used so you can carry your daily essentials with you.
  15. Cotton is also used to make canvas where artists use their imagination to come up with admirable artworks.
  16. While decorating your home with beautiful looking curtains and carpets, furniture covers, cotton is of great help.
  17. The handkerchief has been around for quite a long time and is also used as a fashion item, "Gentlemen's fashion" to be specific. Cotton makes the best looking and comfy ones.
  18. Mosquitos can be an enormous pain in the butt and can mess up your sleep. That's where mosquito curtains made with cotton step in to assure you a bite-free relaxing sleep.
  19. In alternative to plastic bags, which are harmful to our environment, safety bags made with cotton can prove to be safe for our environment.
  20. In the making of shoelaces, cotton is used.
  21. Although different alternatives are present in the apparel industry, cotton is the safest bet because it produces less waste in the production process, and most of those byproducts later can be used in other productions.
  22. The market for bedcover, sheets, pillowcases is heavily dependent upon cotton. For other home furnishings like curtains and pillows, cotton is a principal choice.
  23. Undergarments made up of cotton proves to be comfy as they are made up of breathable substances and provides greater airflow.
  24. Cotton is also used in the making of Adhesive tape to tape those party balloons to decorate your home.
  25. To make terry-cloths which are used in the process of making towels and washcloth, cotton is used.
  26. Although typewriter is almost extinct at this stage of civilization, in making of typewriter ribbons, cotton is used.
  27. Garments industry often use yarn, a long continuous interlocked fiber, in their production process.
  28. In the process of cheese making, where cheese-cloth made up of cotton is used to separate cheese custard and whey.
  29. Bandages provide the fastest solution to hold blood flow and has saved countless lives. Cotton is the primary material in the making of dressings to soak up and keep blood flow.
  30. Cotton is also used to make bookbinding to hold pages of a book together.
  31. Cotton is held as one of the key ingredients in producing certain beauty products. Mainly in two major ways, cotton is used in these regard-manufacturing items like sheet masks, makeup remover wipes, and by using cottonseed oil, which is extremely nourishing in nature.
  32. In the production of an umbrella, cotton is used to make the clothes that keep us dry from the rain.
  33. One of the specialty applications of cotton includes manufacturing flame resistant apparel. These sort of apparel are suitable for professional uses as they provide protection against potential risks attributed to high temperature and mainly flashover.

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