BTMA signals minimum wage structure for cotton textile sector within next two weeks

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January 20, 2024 The Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) has announced that the minimum wage structure for the country’s cotton textile sector is expected to be declared by the Government within the next two weeks.

In response to recent instances of labour unrest in certain cotton textile factories, the association has proactively engaged with the Government’s Labour and Employment Secretary Ehsan-E-Elahi and top officials of the Minimum Wage Board.

Emphasising the significance of a minimum wage structure for the cotton textile sector and recognising the importance of decent living conditions for every worker, the BTMA expressed assurance from the Labour and Employment Secretary and the Minimum Wage Board.

The association stated that an official announcement on the minimum wage is anticipated within the specified timeframe.

Upon this announcement, the BTMA assured the implementation of the minimum wage structure immediately, commencing from the month prescribed by the Government, inclusive of all arrears.

The association, in a press release, in the meanwhile, urged workers to exercise patience throughout this process.

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