Immediate action to be taken to get Tangail saree GI in Bangladesh: Textile minister

Urgent and effective measures will be taken to get the patent – the Geographical Indication (GI) – of Tangail saree in Bangladesh, Textiles and Jute Minister Jahangir Kabir Nanak said today (4 February). -

February 05, 2024 "We have urgently met with all concerned in the ministry and instructions have been given," the minister told reporters after visiting the Jute Directorate in the capital's Motijheel.

Earlier on 2 February, India's Ministry of Culture claimed that the Tangail saree originated in West Bengal, sparking outrage from netizens as the traditional saree is widely considered to have originated from Bangladesh's Tangail district.

"The Tangail saree, originating from West Bengal, is a traditional handwoven masterpiece. Renowned for its fine texture, vibrant colours, and intricate Jamdani motifs, it epitomises the region's rich cultural heritage," the ministry wrote in a post on Facebook on Thursday (1 February).

Later, on 3 February, citizens and businessmen of Tangail organised various programmes demanding that the Geographical Indication (GI) of Tangail saree be recognised as a Bangladeshi product instead of an Indian one.

At the event today, the minister directed officials concerned to take effective measures to stop using middlemen for ensuring reasonable raw jute prices to farmers.

Noting that the use of jute bags is mandatory for 19 products as per the Mandatory Jute Packaging Act, 2010, the minister said, "If someone uses plastic for these products, then strict legal actions will be taken.

"Although the campaign is ongoing throughout the country, a special campaign has to be conducted in the current context."

Jahangir, also an Awami League presidium member, said the production of jute has increased manifold in recent years due to proper supply of seeds to ensure jute cultivation besides providing other inputs to the farmers.

"In order to ensure the supply of raw jute required in the country and to speed up the export of jute and jute products, the market price of jute is always being monitored… which is playing an important role in export earnings," he said.

He further said the government's consistent and timely support continues to enrich and modernise the jute sector of Bangladesh.

"At present, policy support is being provided to the jute sector stakeholders besides providing cash assistance to the export of versatile jute products.

"In the current era of sustainable development, there has been a huge demand for eco-friendly jute and jute products worldwide. Everyone must work together to increase the export of eco-friendly jute products." he said.

Secretary of the textile and jute ministry Abdur Rauf, Director General of the Jute Directorate Selina Hossain and other senior officials were present on the occasion among others.

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