‘Technical textile can bail out shrinking conventional sector’

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February 06, 2024 Ludhiana: Entrepreneurs, leaders of textile industry and experts from Confederation of Indian Industry have emphasised on transforming the conventional sector into the technical textile industry.
They said it could be the way to bail out this shrinking sector in Punjab as there were remarkable opportunities in this industry. During a two-day conference in Ludhiana, experts observed that the local industry had immense potential to contribute to the fast-going technical textile sector.
According to stakeholders and experts, existing infrastructure and local skilled workers were competent to enable the transformation into the technical textile sector. However, they pointed out some challenges pertaining to the raw material. Technical textile refers to the engineered products which have specific functionality apart from catering basic clothing needs.
Chairperson of Punjab Chapter of CII, PJ Singh, said India was now emerging as a key player in the dynamic field of technical textile. “The technical textile market size is projected to reach a staggering $309 billion in 2047. Though a few big players are manufacturing the raw material, a majority of the industry is dependent on its import,” he added.
Vinod Thapar, president of Knitwear and Textile Club, said, “The govt representatives, who participated in the conference promised us to provide all kind of help.” Chirnajiv Singh, general secretary of the club, said, “Demand for technical textile is growing rapidly and we are willing to shift.” TNN

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