Parts of Adilabad, Nirmal districts see unseasonal rains

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November 28, 2023 Adilabad/Nirmal: Several parts of both Adilabad and Nirmal districts saw light rains on Monday, causing losses to cotton and paddy growers.

The average rainfall of Adilabad district was gauged to be 20.3 mm. Adilabad Urban mandal registered the highest rainfall of 41.9 mm, followed by Adilabad Rural mandal which recorded 35 mm. The actual rainfall of the district from June 2 to November 27 was 1,235 mm as against the normal rainfall of 1,086 mm.

Meanwhile, Nirmal district’s average rainfall was measured to be 14 mm. Mudhole mandal registered the highest rainfall of 46 mm, while Kubeer mandal had 37.5 mm of rainfall. The actual rainfall of the district was 1,276 mm when compared to the normal rainfall of 1,003, reflecting an excess by 27 percent.

Farmers said that cotton and paddy crops, that reached the harvesting stage, were damaged due to unseasonal rains. They urged the government to carry out a survey to assess the crop damage and to extend compensation.

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